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National Team Counts do not add up

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I've been creating a custom database from a TBL Rosters, and made som big changes. I've put in so much time on this one, that I would even pay to get this fixed if necessary. (Recreated NHL to a European Fantasy League, put in a 32nd team both for Pro League and Farm League, created schedules both for normal season and Olympic season for Pro League and Farm League, created logos to the 32 european fantasy teams, added arenas to every fixtional team, created some other fixtional teams to other leagues, and so on)

When trying to start a new save, I now get two error messages right after choosing my custom database.

"National Team Counts does not add up"

Followed by

v1.4.1 select_leagues_screen.cpp 114"

And then the game crashes.

I have no backup on my work with the database, since all errors so far have showed up on or after the "Select Leagues Screen". On that screen, you normally see which league are broken. If not, you see it in the game once started. I don't get to that screen now.

What happened between last working database, and the damaged one, is that I switched places on two teams between Norwegian Second Division and Third Division, and then added 4 teams to the Second Division (not playable). I of course tried to delete these 4 teams from the Second Division again, without any luck. What really bothers me, is the first error message, "National Team Counts does not add up". I haven't touched the national teams since I started on this database...

I've been using the EHM Editor version 0.2.0 (ehmtheblueline).

Please help. I don't want to start over...

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