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In my Online league I joined, I am unable to claim players on waivers. The option isn't there when I right click on a player who is put on waivers to claim and when I go to the Waiver Wire screen and select the "Enter Claim" button and select a player, a screen pops up saying I can not claim this player as I have too many bids in.

I will clarify, I am not trying to claim multiple players. I can not put any roster claims in whatsoever. None of our League Managers can figure this out. If someone could help us and make our game a little easier (at least on me), that would be amazing.

Eastside Hockey Manager - 1.4.1 2_5_2018 4_15_44 PM.png

Eastside Hockey Manager - 1.4.1 2_5_2018 4_16_15 PM.png

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