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Why?? Now have they decided they cant score??

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for some bizarre reason for the past 3 odd seasons my team get to a point ware they forget how to score??

they'll still have as much shots but seem to either hit the woodwork, put the ball just past the post or even from crosses/corners the usual mr reliable CB or headerer of the squad has now gained an attribute of being very good at heading closely over the crossbar rather than the goal?? ill dominate games but some how, very unrealistically the other team gets a goal out of absolutely nothing.

i have an awesome squad just to get that out the way, there isnt anyone better around.

ive read a few ppl saying about praising at right times n not saying in match prep to be so much on the 'i expect' and be be more on the 'no pressure' talk or even play a friendly which im going to win very easily to get morale up?? any suggestions, in my previous FM games ive never had this problem.

basically what do you people on here reckon?? is there an easy way out?? what am i doing diffrently?? its doing my head in..ggggrrrrrr.. of the last 7 odd games ive W1 D5 L1. compared to winning all?!?

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