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What happened at Feyenoord!!?

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Hi All,

Just started one of my fav old games of trying to restore Feyenoord to the best club in Holland, first time i have tried it in FM2010.

Problem is the club is completly broke and after a little investigation it seems to be because the club says it doesn't have any season ticket holders!

Is this a bug or is something going on?


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Well, they are completely broke IRL too...

Maybe but they still have Season ticket holders as far as I'm aware.

Tricky unless you've adjusted the database and made a mistake (something easily done) this is definately one for the bugs forums, I expect the Rule Groups folks may appreciate a screenshot or a saved game showing the club information page as well.

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Hi Steve, thanks for that.

Don't even touch the editor mate, as it's wrong on so many levels!! (i just get tempted to make Nottm Forest a world super power and i think i'll just wait a couple of seasons so that it happens IRL!! ha)

Even stranger, i have another saved dutch game where the do have season ticket holders, it just seems to be when i take over for some reason!

Will do as you suggest and post a couple screen shots.



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