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  1. I did similar to you, I started unemployed and took over as Macclesfield manager.  Somehow I actually managed to win League 2 in the first season just by using a slight variation of the standard 442 wing play default tactic.  If I remember I dropped the defensive line slightly to combat balls over the top and also dropped the passing to mixed rather than direct passing but that was about it.  So many goals came from a ball out to Durrell on the right to swing in to either Smith or Wilson to head in.  Wilson actually ended up with 32 goals as we scored the most in the league but also conceded the most.  It was an interesting and pretty fun season!

    Loans are definitely your friend here, there are a lot about where you don't have to contribute to their salary.  Get as many loans in as you can, there were times when I was starting with 6 or 7 loan players in my starting eleven.

  2. I’m playing on FMT so hopefully that issue is mitigated a little bit.  I still think that it does take players time to get used to any change in tactic though.  Only managed to play a few games with it this morning but it has taken me 8 points clear of the relegation zone and secured safety.  Very happy considering I was predicted to finish rock bottom 20th!

    Still got pumped in the couple of games I’ve played against the big teams, losing by 3 and 4 goals but their squads are absolutely ridiculous compared to mine.  Going to invest heavily in the defence in the summer and see where that takes me with the tactic next season.

  3. I’ll give this a go.  Playing as Forest in my first season in thr EPL after promotion.  Only got promotion through the playoffs last season after a late surge so the majority of my team are still Championship quality.  So this as an underdog tactic seems ideal for me.  Only objective is to avoid relegation, and I sit 5 points clear with 10 games to go.  Hoping this will take me over the line!

  4. So I'm having real trouble defending set pieces.  All set pieces really, be it corners, free kicks and even throw ins.  I've read a few threads about possible bugs that might be in the match engine which results in the opposition having a man free on the edge of the box from indirect free kicks which I have experienced, but that's not the main issue really.  My players just seem to really, really bad at marking, tracking runners and even just jumping for a header.  I've tried a few defensive setups involving zonal marking, man marking and a mixture of the two but nothing at all seems to be able to defend them with any sort of regularity.  It's not enjoyable when every time a highlight appears and it's the opposition having a corner, you're 90% sure it's going to go in.

    I'm playing as Forest on FMT in my first season in the EPL, second season overall.  So obviously I'm not expecting to be keeping clean sheets all the time but when I go back and analyse matches to see that in general I've either matched or bettered the opposition in most areas but I've also conceded two or three goals from set pieces it's so frustrating.  I've scored the 5th highest in the league (38 in 22) but I've conceded the most by far (47 in 22, the next highest being 38 conceded), with a huge amount of those coming from set pieces.  Case in point just happened against Newcastle.  Matched them for the most part, had more clear cut chances than them and generally was the better side, however I lost 3-2 to 2 headers from corners and a header from a wide fee kick.  Crosses into the box for a tap in also seem to be happening with a bit too much regularity but I guess that's a separate issue really.  My defenders aren't awful, they all have decent stats for jumping, heading, strength etc.  Is it just a case of getting better defenders, is this an actual issue this year or is there something different I should be doing?

    If anyone could give me any advice on setups, what types of defenders to put where etc that'd be appreciated!

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