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  1. Ah you're right I completely forgot Thanks for the help! I'll keep everyone up to date with the new B team.
  2. Has anyone had the chance to do this? The club has given me the chance to form a new B club to enter the lower divisions. I've never done so before... I am stuck between two minds here, would having a B team benefit my youth team members as they would have more games to play to develop? Or as my squad is so small already, would this stretch out my players even more, leading to more injuries? Thanks!
  3. Season 1 - 2022 - End of Season Update Overview Managed to sneak into the final playoff spot in 6th place (2nd to 6th go into playoffs , 2nd waits in the promotion final) but lost heavily to Deportivo Nublense (who I managed in another lifetime back in FM19). The first half of the season was inconsistent, having spent the majority of it experimenting with different formations with the 12 outfielders I had enough trust in to play. It must have been difficult for them, especially as I kept trying to retrain them in new positions every other week! Ended the season with a 10 matc
  4. I wonder what Kris has been saying to become that little more controversial
  5. That's true, the more youth the better! This might be my only save for the year due to work and family, unless the board releases me :'(
  6. Same here, but extended because I just like to watch the games. I don't think I have ever IRed yet, seems like I would not be able to affect the game through subs etc. Although it doesn't always work...
  7. Season 1 - 2022 - First Youth Intake The first youth intake is in through the hallowed doors of the Campos Deportivos Ricardo Keller! The sight of two sixteen year old centrebacks lost in the welcoming hall might allay the fears that the squad might be lacking in depth in that position, while Joel Salgado is immediately given the illustrious title of "22A." For a team who have only used 13 players regularly, the fresh blood is well appreciated.
  8. Season 1- 2022 - Mid Season Review Very excited for the first youth intake, since the U19s I had taken over had only 6 players who were not greyed out. The squad I inherited also only had one centreback, so I am praying for some to be inducted so they can be fastracked into the team. We are in mid-table right now, without any consistency but the players have yet to thrown me out of the dressing room, which is nice.
  9. Do I need to have the screenshot hosted on another site when I do this?
  10. Season 1 - 2022 Started a save in the Primera B de Chile, after a few attempts to figure out the league systems in Mexico and South Korea. From what I can tell Concepcion were promoted after finishing second in the third tier. The Chilean league calendar starts in February and ends in November (I think). It seems like the league reset date for Chile is around January 10th. Here is the first team squad: And here is the U19 squad: Also, the club has a club culture of signing players under the age of 23 for the team...does anyone know if this will be a hu
  11. I was thinking of doing it this weekend. Japan would have been my first choice but they're never on the official db.
  12. I stumbled upon this challenge by accident, but am suddenly very interested in participating. Out of interest, has anyone ever tried the challenge in Asia? I saw that the teams in the Hall of Fame are all in Europe...am interested in trying it either in Asia or Latin America. Also don't know if I should wait until the full game comes out or go with the beta. Thanks!
  13. I have one slot left (the Chester board are really stingy with their money and I had to ask a couple of times to add another slot). When you managed it, did the promise succeed immediately after you filled that last slot?
  14. Is there any way to keep the promise to improve the coaching staff? I have read elsewhere that the only way is to hire coaches with a higher world reputation. As I am currently in charge of Chester, my entire coaching staff's World Reputation is at Minimal (apart from my HPA at Nominal). Since we don't have much money, I cannot offer to pay the wages of staff with a higher reputation. Does anyone know of anything that could help? Thanks. I have 200ish days before my top three players end up viciously unhappy...
  15. Took Cheltenham Town to Europa League semifinal...and lost.
  16. Looks perfect and thanks again for making the mods and answering all the questions.
  17. This is a good article explaining how the points system works for a work permit for non-EU players. I assume Jesus was awarded one from the Exceptions Panel. https://www.reevaldo.com/story/2016/9/15/football-work-permit-premier-league-fa-foreign-players
  18. Plays as PSG....says the domestic campaign is too easy.
  19. But you haven't done a fair comparison. What you have done is compare full release FM18 to beta FM19. It wouldn't be objective to compare two different products at different stages of its development cycle, no matter how advanced beta should be.
  20. Have you actually done all this in a week with a non-league team? Or just extrapolating and guessing from a beta version which still has a week left before release.
  21. Gegenpress does work quite effectively but I think it has two significant drawbacks. 1. Long balls over the top work well as your defensive line is so high. 2, Players are asked to press and so are susceptible to fatigue, injury and so on. Does it balance out? Not sure yet...
  22. That is true, although it does seem relatively realistic to try and achieve. For supreme immersion, you could try to manage Athletic Bilbao in La Liga, they used to have a very strict policy of only employing players from their specific region (the Basque Country) in Spain. I think they only recently widened their approach to include Spanish players (and a Romanian who grew up in the Basque Country). Edit: Changed info on Romanian player
  23. You could always try to win the league with a British squad, or an English squad at Liverpool, which would already add a layer of difficulty to the game. You wold have to either pay premium prices for established English players, buy and develop younger ones or through your own academy. Hopefully someone in Brazil will hire me!
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