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  1. Just now, KUBI said:

    This content remains in your user directory. 

    Generally the game is not a lot faster without graphics, it may depend on the computer specs, key factor is RAM for that.

    Well i can run minimum specs of the game just bcs i dont have the best graphic card.But the game sometimes runs slow when it goes in the 3d game.

  2. 2 minutes ago, KUBI said:

    It does not remove it from the disk, just from the in game cache. Next time you start the game it does load all the graphics again, the same with "reload skin" in the preferences.

    So if i delete  Preferences and/or Caches Folders from fm20 just to see if the game runs quicker i wont be losing the content that i added ?meaning, graphics and skins.

  3. 1 hour ago, Kyle Brown said:

    Have you always had this issue? Or has it just started happening?

    Try the thread below and let me know if it helps. 

    I had this issue from the start it always runs a bit slow,but when i start the match and its says wait teams are warming up sometimes i stay there too much time and i get a black screen and then i go in to the 3d match anyway im try the the thread and im contact you back.


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