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  1. On 13/02/2019 at 19:09, Weston said:

    Yeah this doesn't make any sense. The clubs my board proposed the one time I finally got them to agree weren't that good, but when I recommend much better options myself they reject them. And of course I have to wait months in between attempts. I only let them recommend them so I knew they'd accept SOMETHING.

    Can anyone from SI give us some insight here?

    Same problem here. My team is fenerbahce and I've only one affiliate club from local. Everytime i make board request for affiliate from any other country, the club accept but they said "they failed to make a deal with any club" or "they have been unable to find a suitable club"  after one month. Even i choose sometimes and they said again "they failed to make a deal with your choice's club". something like that. My reputation is four star and financial situation is rich. How can i solved that? What is wrong with my game? All the best.

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