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  1. 2 minutes ago, Halofon said:

    sign them. in that case if anybody buys them will pay you money

    I fear if I sign them : 1. I won’t get as much money.

    2. Clubs won’t be interested as they have signed a new contract.

    3. Extra money onto my limited budget.


  2. In my current save with Bournemouth, I’m in the second season currently in December. I am Scottish so sent a lot of youngsters out on loan to SPFL clubs but they aren’t getting much development with only cup games and reserve football. However, the league hasn’t started which is pretty weird, has anybody else had previous with this before and explain.

  3. So far after my first season I have been playing great attacking football, won the carabao cup final on pens vs Everton, won the FA cup vs Liverpool 6-1, finsihed 2nd in the league, scoring the most goals in the league and 4th bets defensive record. Callum Wilson scored 47 goals in the season attracting an 80Mil offer in Jan which was rejected. I signed Chris Mepham who was excellent, Ollie Watkins, Neal Maupay and Callum Robinson who were all loaned back for the season. However starting the second season I was wondering who are Bournemouth’s IRL targets to buy for January etc. And who are the clubs biggest youth prospects ATM.

  4. Previous years you could link up a younger player to mentor with a first team player but this year it seems silly that if I was to do that I’d have to add say a player in my u18s to the first team squad just to mentor them, could anyone explain why the change? 

  5. So far I have signed Callum Robinson from Preston, Ollie Watkins and neal Maupay from Brentford but sent them back on loan til end of January, and I signed Chris Mepham on a loan to buy deal and currently early January with in the caraboa cup final and 1st/2nd in the league don’t know why but seems a little too easy

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