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  1. Have been fiddling around with a counter tactic based on the 4-2-1-3 formation. I have a feeling that it might be the way to go. Will start a save with the proper setup. Just want to get another ten or so games in with it. As long as the consistent performance is there I will crack on with proper updates.
  2. I must say I am not getting into the 4-2-1-3 DM at all. The only one that has worked at all is the tweak version of a downloaded tactic that I was discussing before. And now that is colouring all my attempts at it. My originality seems shot at the moment. I would love to try a 4-2-2-2 Magic Box if anyone wants to do a switcheroo? Otherwise I will have another crack at it. The big issue I am finding with it is that the lone striker is just so isolated and if I set him to drop into midfield to link up like a DLF or F9 or something of that nature, the DMCs don't tend to get up there. Even when set to get further forward. This means that we tend to only have probably two players in true advanced positions that can have a pop at goal. And they just get swamped. Also, strangely, the defence is pretty ordinary. That's probably more due to the higher line that I am trying. But even a slightly deeper line was bad. It's just frustrating me. I am not a tactical mastermind at this time and I can see the potential. I just can't quite get anything original to work. The wingers seem to be a big issue. For some reason they are cutting inside. I checked my TIs and PIs and the wingers are set to stay wider and cross often. But they seem to be behaving like IFs. It's seriously doing my head in. Finally. I have always used more attacking tactics in FM but, at heart, I am more defensive by nature. For the life of me I cannot get counter tactics to work. If anyone wants to chat about how to get a tactic right for the formation then drop me a line. It's becoming dispiriting. Even just some encouragement. Because of my earlier attempts I am not sticking with a style until it becomes fluid. Which surely wil exacerbate the issue. 😀
  3. Running my "Zemlandia" tactic, which is an Overload/Fluid 4-2-1-3 with a Poacher and two Inside Forwards (Attack). Played some friendlies with some decent results and then we played Slavia Prague in Europe. Absolutely blattered them. Were 2-0 up in ten minutes and had our left winger sent off on 31 minutes for a horrendous tackle. Anyways, with ten men we put another 4 past them for a 6-1 win. We then went to Prague and peppered the goals coming away with a 1-0 win. Really happy with what I have seen so far. I will post some screenies once we have played 4 or 5 Serie A games.
  4. I think I may have stumbled on something during a period of utter frustration. Will run the game from the start to get it fluid. Managed a 2-2 draw with AC Milan. Bacca outmuscled the FB twice to score with the keeper making an error. We may have only had 40% possession but had 27 shots to 9. 13 were on target so it wasn't just hit and hope either. A little touch of Zemanista! EDIT: Wanted to check something before the proper test. Beat Torino 2-1 dominating the game. Then went to Rostov and absolutely annihilated them. Won 4-0 but hit the woodwork 4 times. so I am positive I am onto something. Will sleep on it and run it tomorrow.
  5. I am scratching my effort and starting it again. Still not happy with various elements. And I feel I am still being affected by the original tweak I was using. This time I want to try to go for a counter style. More like Mourinho used to do it. It seems the 4-2-1-3 is pretty much what he was doing in his Chelski days. Will try it out tonight and report back!
  6. Going to start in Germany with another former DDR club. The mighty Carl Zeiss Jena! Proper introductory post to follow!
  7. I really want BFC Dynamo Berlin. Loather by many, it is a club I have always been fascinated by. If loading is a struggle then I may consider something else.
  8. Loading up Spain now. Might combine with a Big Euro. Anyways, wish me luck!! EDIT: Can't find a club I really want to try. So Spain is on the backburner.
  9. Well. I have been looking to do a youth academy challenge throughout most iterations of FM. Perhaps combine the two? Holland used to be a bastion of youth development. Perhaps it may be again!
  10. I am pondering a change. With the attacking philosophy we are getting results in friendlies but don't hold much of the ball. In the 1st leg of the Qualifying Round we looked pretty poor and I switched to control at half time with us losing 1-0. We dominated the second half and, although it finished 1-1, we really deserved the win. So I might go for control for the time being. The play was much, much better.
  11. This is the one I have been mucking around with. Quite a bit of difference to the one I was talking about in earlier posts. I drew the 4-2-1-3 formation and, as I tend to do, I have started on the attacking front! Essentially my big worry with this formation is the isolation of the central striker given that his nearest support is on the wings and in central midfield. Even then, it gets worse because the central midfielder is on his own with two defensive midfielders behind him. I have been mucking around and feel that what I need is to make the pitch smaller so that any gaps are minimised. Also, the striker role needs to drop into midfield a bit to alleviate his isolation. So, what I have tried to do here is have the striker dropping deep and holding up the ball. The inside forwards are to come inside and attack the backline hopefully creating a situation where there is essentially 3 attackers in and around the box when the DLF moves into the box. I don't like dribbling too much so I have the players set to dribble less in the TIs except for the wingbacks and the inside forwards who are set to dribble more by default. Also trying to keep the play compact I have set the Regista and DMC to try and get further forward when we have the ball. I feel that being a bit more attacking is OK as we have a solid block of 6 at the back. The midfielder should be a bit more aggressive with their passing as the risky passes PI is ticked. With the TIs they are all set for an aggressive pressing game. The line is high with an offside trap and the team is set to press more. With the PI passing the way it is I think a fairly narrow shape will connect players and shorter passing is the go. I want there to be options but I have always had problems with long shots so I want an overlap from the wingbacks when the inside forwards cut inside and the ball to be worked into the box. I am still a bit iffy on the exploiting flanks TIs but I think they are worth a go. Given that with our numbers in midfield there may be a lot of congestion there. Having used the assman to fill a team it seems the squad is well suited to the system at the moment. The only issue being that the Regista could be a role that I won't need. Will update as I go. NB: I will be making a defensive style because I think the formation is also suited to a deep lying, counter attacking style. But I think I am philosophically aligned with a Zeman style of play so the attacking style sits there for now!
  12. OK Jambo98. I will start one from scratch. There are certainly elements I can consider from the other one. I have been working on one of my own at the same time. So no issue. 😄
  13. Never managed in Portugal except for a match here and there. I think Beira-Mar are down low these days aren't they? But Spain needs a run. I think I'll start there.
  14. Ahhh yes. FC Santa Claus. The puns are outstanding.
  15. Has no one ever done this with a Dutch team? Hmmm... Perhaps it is worth a go.
  16. Thanks mate. I just wanted to see how people felt about it. More of a tweak than a wholesale change. Early signs are promising though. Beat Lokomotiva 7-1 on aggregate in the 3rd Qualifying Round and Brøndby 6-1 on aggregate on the Playoff. Beat Fiorentina 3-1 away and Crotone 5-0 at home. My only signing has been Miroslav Stoch who can play both LW and RW. He hasn't played much yet. EURO group is Standard, Ajax and Rostov. Not too bad.
  17. Well it's interesting because I am developing one from scratch at the same time. Which I may end up trying to use because I know that this other one works. It's one that starts as a 4-4-2DM which I downloaded in FM16 to try out and fell in love with (I got the FM17 version but it looks basically the same to my eyes). My main concern is that with the formation the way it is, the striker will be completely isolated the way I usually set them up. This tactic uses two F9's so I found that it immediately links well Essentially what I have done is pull one of the strikers down to MC and try to make him a similar midfielder to the two DMC. With the PIs of Shoot less often, tackle harder, mark tighter, get further forward and more risky passes. The difference mainly lies in the wide men. Because the original has them cutting inside but crossing from the byline I had to compromise. I decided that getting balls in from wide areas could both prevent congestion in and around the box and create another avenue to goal. Those are basically the changes I have made. The back 6 has not been tweaked because it worked brilliantly in FM16 and does in the few games I have played trialling it. The team instructions have also not been touched. So that's my worry. I haven't changed a great deal because I know the TIs and PIs work and the play looks great. Basically it presses the hell out of the opposition, hits them hard and the high line prevents the striker from being isolated. With him dropping deep from the STC position the link play is great. That's why I am putting it out there. I don't know how much I can actually claim to have done. Changing ML/R to LW(S)/RW(S) and putting in another aggressive midfielder is essentially all I have done. It has been extremely successful but I cannot claim it to be mine in all honesty. Perhaps I would be better off going from scratch after all. But it would be so tempting to use a fair bit of the TIs and PIs as they are just so good. What do you think?
  18. Even Saturn in Russia looks tempting. Gawd I am hopeless at making my mind up. HELP! 😂 I would adore playing as Berliner FC Dynamo but the u17 rule is a concern...
  19. Anyone have any suggestions for a league to start with? Germany was an utter pain as I recall with the u17 rule (played it a few versions ago) but I don't think I could take playing in one of the super lowly rated nations. I was considering a France/Spain possibly. I'm not against a mid range sort of a Scotland/Austria kind of thing but perhaps somewhere with a bit of financial backing would be nice. The big one is, much as England is a good challenge, 46 game seasons a just a tad too long. What do you guys reckon? I may well simply take on the first suggestion made. So have at it! 😃
  20. I may well give this one a go! That or the european one as I like to find hidden gems from other leagues like a save I had years ago with USL Dunkerque.
  21. What is the policy on making changes to downloaded tactics? I have been playing around with one that I downloaded and made some changes to it so that it fit the shape and minor adjustments to some roles. It's working extremely well. So I wouldn't mind using it for the experiment when I get going on it. Of course, if people feel there is something wrong with doing that then I am happy to use the other one I am mucking around with while I get to grips with the new version.
  22. Huzzah! Thanks to Steam and "Midweek Madness" I managed to get FM17 a bit quicker than anticipated. Should be able to get going on this today.
  23. 4-2-1-3 DM Wide eh? No complaints at all! Should prove to be quite interesting.
  24. Is it still possible to join this experiment? As a follow up, as I am planning on getting FM17 soon (if possible), can I start on FM16 and then switch over? I'm keen on getting some ideas together fast and it would serve as kind of like a placeholder if I can have a go in FM16 for now. 😀
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