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  1. My game since the winter update has become unplayable.

    I have re-installed, downloaded drivers and all the other advice but nothing.

    All my saved game files will no longer load and i have attempted to start over 10 new games. It allows me to save once the game is created but when ever i start playing and go to save in the future it goes into a not responding state and i lose that file aswell.


    Something needs to be done. Been playing since the champ man days and i admit i am a FM junkie and it is killing me not being able to play.

  2. So i went to go jump on FM and play tonight only to find that for some reason my game is installing everytime i click on it and it gets stuck at 2% then stops.

    I also get an error from steam saying the steam servers are to busy to do my request and give error code 16.

    Any help please?

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