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  1. it does also have an impact of how likely they will keep putting in performances even when things arent going well. more determined hard working player is less likely to just sit back when your losing 1-0. Determination plays a huge role in alot of different aspects of Football Manager.
  2. watching the games i disagree Matic actually does move the ball forward as well as covering the back line which is essentially a deep lying playmaker on defence. doesnt mean hes one doing throughballs but he does have some control of the tempo especially against the weaker teams. also the Deep Lying forward will move wide alot with the PPI to move into channels which is what Rashford does.
  3. yeah i was more just in general saying that he likes his forwards to attack the channels. cant set wingers/IF's with the instructions but generally they will do it in game. i agree on alot of the people overcomplicating the roles and setup, hes trying to make it simple in order for the players to express themselves, he knows he has alot of talented players so why complicate things with too many instructions to players and i feel thats where Van Gaal and Mourinho was struggling they was trying way too much to control every single player and get rid of the player's ability to think for themselves and express themselves but issue is that may work with hard working but technical limited players it doesnt work when you have a team that is actually quite flair and technique focused like the United side is. a commentator put it well Mourinho was trying to play defensive with a very offensive built squad and it just doesnt work and ultimately cost him his job because he wasnt willing to adapt his setup to the players he had at that time(shame because at Inter and Madrid he did adapt to play a more expansive game at times especially Madrid where they played some breath taking football on road to breaking records) overall Ole has gone back to basics. well trained defensive work and allowing the players to express themselves when they have the ball, its clear hes absorbed huge amounts from his time under Ferguson both as a player and then a coach. its not ground breaking but i feel in the modern age where too many managers try to complicate things it could be a breath of fresh air in the long run seeing players given freedom to do what they do best.
  4. i would say it was just his normal 4-3-3 tbh just he swapped roles for both Spurs and Arsenal games. overall i feel this is his normal rough go to and he allows the front 3 complete freedom which with the usual Rasford,Lingard and Martial that all life to move around works well. Pogba is Mezzila on attack hes playing the same role he was given at Juventus allowing him to link up with the front 3 but is dominantly more on the left side of the attack. against the earlier teams Rashford was closer to an advanced forward but i still feel his role was similar to an F9 as he did drop to allow the wingers into space. one thing i would say is all 3 of the front no matter who is playing is told to run into channels GK WBs CB BPD WBs DLPd Carillo Mezzila(attack) IFa IFs F9
  5. the game has never been nuanced also have you seen his team he has 3-4 world class players for each position. that means those players arent playing against him as well so that goes a long way. also means he can do most intense football because next game he can just swap to world class 11 part 2 and not worry about stamina. so yeah that football would take its toll in 1st season but after 2-3 seasons with United's transfer budget you could buy enough world class players like he did to rotate enough without dropping any quality at all.
  6. but your comparing your specific tactic stats setup to abuse crosses etc to real life where no such thing exists. people have given you the data to argue their points i for one did so showcasing that in fact if you do include freekicks from wide + corners you in fact are below the average IRL stats. you need to look at it from a whole game perspective not just your specific setup to break the game.
  7. as enigmatic pointed out what Opta counts as crosses is not the same as football manager. FM also includes corners, you then go by Opta's stats of last season in the premiership according to premiership website https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/clubs/total_cross?se=54 southampton did 947 crosses accross 38 games which is roughly 24 crosses a game. you then have 2 teams your looking at 50ish crosses a match most likely. you then take into account the premiership stats do not include corners unlike FM's stats do so if we add roughly 5 corners which is a pretty low average thats 30ish crosses per game which is in line with the games averages. obviously the game can become bit skewed with how some AI teams may operate due to the influence you playing may have which leads to overall an extremely close to real life numbers amount of crossing essentially mooting the whole point of "ME has way more crosses than real life"
  8. to be honest this discussion doesnt make sense at all. countless people have given examples how that specific tactic and a lot of other people's tactics are actually set up to attack the wings. by attacking the wings your asking for more crosses than you normally would. you then add in the fact FM counts even a 5 yard side pass accross goal as a cross which in real life it wouldnt be although it could be argued by definition of a "cross" it is a "cross" as it means to pass the ball across goal which even a 5 yard pass technically is. doesnt matter if you pack your team to be central players having fullbacks quite aggresive and having so much space infront of them will lead a lot of open space down the wings which guess what your players will make use off. only one role i know off that doesnt have players roam and that is the Engache as hes essentially just a static guy in the AMC spot at all times. even target men move out wide when their is space to attack as guess what they would in real life. you then have the aspect of box to box players who push forward INTO SPACE which guess what lots of space out wide.
  9. on this talk about SV i really feel this is Pogba for Man United as i tend to watch games a bit differently to standard fan in that i love to try and work out how the team is overall in shape, their roles etc and the different Man United look when Pogba is in that role is night and day. SV role is heart of the team when setup think Yaya Toure few years ago for Man City he would bulldoze his way through the midfield from deep positions linking up the defence to attack and allowing the support players space due to how the opposition has to react to such a player pushing through midfield. i actually feel Ferguson use to do this role or similar but went under the radar with it quite often with how his teams worked and their seemed to be a hard working/high stamina player who seemed to be deep to help protect but pushed forward with the ball opening up space not just for himself but others around him. Anderson did this somewhat well albeit his deficiency in the ability to perhaps do the final aspect of the role in ability to score. Fellaini before his injury seemed to be given similar instructions by Mourinho to the SV in that hes to play as a defensive mid when he doesnt have the ball yet then pushes forward making use of link ups and just his sheer size to bulldoze through the middle 3rd of the pitch, was effective in the few games i saw him play there.
  10. depends when they get released may be after the lock in date for data. but generally you would post players who are free transfers in the game
  11. so many shots yet so many off target + only 2 actual clear cut. as cleon stated look at all those shots its most likely a lack of support + poor decisions causing that player to take a long shot. can always go with plan b in games like that switch in tall players and go direct fellaini can be a wrecking ball through a whole backline of 4 when used correctly because hes good in the air and good with his feet. also i feel u will always have the odd game where they just defend like their life is on the line and are unstoppable but setting up set pieces can catch those teams out as a extra option as while you want to create possession football you still need multiple ways to score.
  12. does this tactic youve downloaded have explanations on what to get for each role as thats a good start. also we could name every good striker in the world and they all may be **** for you without knowing your tactical setup etc. like for my setup Berrardi has been amazing as a false 9 but then my tactic is setup around him to be the star guy.
  13. the problem i have with Raumdeuter is u need somebody so specific in his stats to truly see it shine and be a better option then just having them as ins forward or winger.
  14. how does it make no sense in real life yet plenty of teams play with a "target man" striker yet dominate possession heck Arsenal have that in Giroud he offers something else to the normal skill on the ball players like Sanchez etc. Swansea have one of the best passing stats in the premiership and yet for a long time played with a target man style striker in that system. a target man isnt about just hoofing it to him to win unless you set up the team to play like that you can easily setup a large strong target man to receive the ball and hold up play and then keep possession just he does it in his own way which is through his strength not his ability on the ball although their are strikers out their who are target men with amazing on the ball ability like Ibra at PSG.
  15. i wouldnt say cheating pretty much every real life deal nowadays is never upfront money a lot are structured deals that span several seasons and have possible clauses that may never trigger. like the Martial deal in real life involved around 20m upfront then around 14m over few seasons with the other 22m being in clauses like top league goalscorer,winning the ballon d'or etc it use to be seen as a bad move on FM as they never took the money off your transfer budgets when u set it to be over several seasons but now it will affect future transfer budgets
  16. well technically their is 2 wonderkids called zivkovic one is a winger and the other a striker with the striker being a Ajax player
  17. yeah i cant even put them on my bench so seems kinda strange if they can even do that if its not letting human managers do it
  18. hi everyone been playing as Rostock in third tier of german football. in this league their is a rule stating no player under 17 can play and yet just had message pop up saying a new youngest ever player of which hes 16 years of age. was just wondering what may be going on here if they can bypass that rule. heres the screenshots. http://imgur.com/a/7is8p
  19. Club: Nacional da Madeira Division: Portuguese Premier League Transfer Budget: £100k Wage Budget: £60k Finances: £2m+ Board Expectation(s): lower mid table Key Players: Gottardi,Agra,Miguel Rodrigues Pros: Top Training & Youth Facilities, low expectations(lower mid table) for a starting squad that can fight for Europa spot, has a few players who can be sold for nice boost to transfer budget at start to help mold a team to compete. Cons: having to fight the big 3 in terms of financial power whilst keeping hold of your betters players on very small contracts, limited Euro spots can hurt when trying to compete with Porto,Benfica & Sporting who all start with vastly superior teams. Small stadium that will need improving if its going to compete in europe (5k at the start). Level of Difficulty (1-10 with 10 being difficult): 6 - can be difficult financially sometimes although no rules on WP's can help bring in cheap african/south american players which can make it a lot easier. Additional Information: known for its training facilities that also was the youth club that C.Ronaldo started at if your a fan of him. Home games are special due to being a Portuguese island of which your the main football team of the whole island.
  20. 3 Treqatista's wont work they will all be looking to find the same pockets of space and so will be so easy to defend against no matter how good they are. also ignore Ass Man's opinions on half of the stuff mine keep saying Berihino is a defensive forward thats how flawed they are, i would setup the team behind to play a very simple but direct style of football in that they move the ball to your front people as quick as possible so your front 3 can then work with each other. for me i would have the front 3 setup as AMC-AM(A) or AMP(A) depending on wether hes a better passer or better finisher. then have your 2 strikers setup to link up using somebody who will drop deep and somebody who will try and push in behind the line this can be done with a TM/Poacher or DLF/ADVF or 2 complete strikers 1 set as support and other set as attack.
  21. how long have these mess about games lasted for if its just a few games then im not surprised you havnt seen things working. my current Hoffenheim game at the start i was all over the place we would concede very sloppy goals but come february its like watching a whole different team they press the ball exactly how i wanted them to at start of the season and exploit runs made from deep midfielders which they just wasnt doing in some of my early games. i generally pick my tactic based on the best 4-5 players already at the team/ones i know i will have no problem bringing in. i can then look to get the best out of them while leaving rest of my team to create a more supporting role whether its defending or helping with our attacks. if i have tall physical strikers and wingers with good crossing i will look to exploit the flanks and get crosses in for tall strikers to beat defenders to etc. its a matter of looking at a mixture of your best players and making most of your best team attributes for example only bayern have a quicker team then my hoffenheim and so i know i should be able to play quick football into space as my players can beat the opposition to the ball.
  22. tell your fullbacks to man mark the guys your having trouble with marking. if its opposition fullbacks then have your winger man mark them. its what you see in RL football nowadays even players like Ribery,Robben,Hazard etc have adapted to at least mark the fullback. also i would like to point out majority of goals in real life do come from crosses, i would watch a few games completely and not just on highlights only(pretty much highlights is pointless if u are trying to analyze problems especially defensive ones). think of it this way if its happening 20 times in a game but u only saw that 1 time they scored then thats your fault for not being a hands on manager as you could have made changes to prevent it after seeing it happen a few times before the goal. your essentially acting like Wenger was against swansea in which the whole game Chambers was getting destroyed by Montero but did nothing and so what happens they end up losing the game.
  23. if you have poor passing why go with playmakers in midfield you would be better off using them as just defensive minded players. you said u have fast wingers so why not play narrow but have your wingers wide and have instructions to get the ball out to them as quick as possible as the opposition would become slightly more narrow in that they are marking players which would then open up space for your wingers out wide to run into.
  24. i suggest going to counter instead of defensive also if you want a very quick counter attack that aint just a boot up field and hope a striker gets it you may be better off with a less strict team shape. ive seen very fluid tactics still be very structured if setup correctly. also would be helpful for some more information like how do u actually want to play as all i can gather is you play extremely defensive and just do longballs to your forwards which then run with it if they can. also any information on where you feel your problems lie if its not creating enough then that is kinda understandable as any decent defence will dominate that kind of play 9 out of 10 times. just my own opinion but ive always felt counter attacking play is decided on how good your wide players are as if your so compact its so easy to defend against since 2 strikers are effectively facing 4 defenders if the opposition is playing a back line of 4.
  25. to me this essentially just screams i want the computer to do the tactics for me so i can just focus on buying players. putting restrictions on those that play the game is a no no and a very quick way to essentially alienate your customers. i can't say im 100% talking for everybody but i could imagine that if something like this was implemented it would hurt sales a huge amount as most would just boycott it. people already went crazy over the amount of restrictions they have to put up with now due to removal of sliders and you're asking for even more restrictions. also how would it then handle things like injuries etc for example in real life we see cb's become fullbacks or very versatile players who essentially could play any role if they wanted to like Lahm etc also have you actually seen multiple players trying to play the same role they are never the same in how they play even with same role and PI's when roles were first added many of us actually tried poachers as target men with the setting set to through balls instead of balls to their head etc and it worked even better then a poacher at times. also it is more about the players around that should influence each role for example Hunterlaar many might consider him a targetman due to lack of pace but good arial ability but he can score a insane amount as a poacher even with no pace at all etc.
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