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  • Game continues crashing whenever I try simming past a certain point

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    Playing a Wrexham save in the 26/27 season and for some reason I am now crashing whenever I sim past the transfer deadline, it has done this continuously, how do I fix it?


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    • SI Staff

    Hi @PhantomVaIor, thanks for flagging this issue with us. Can you send us over your save file? If you're unsure on how to do this please check the instructions below, but you will need access to a windows computer to do so. Regarding the video - is there any way you can potentially compress the video or host it on YouTube perhaps? Alternatively could you provide us with screenshots instead?

    Can you also let us know how many leagues/nations you have loaded within your save?

    Uploading a Save File:

    1) Launch FM22 Xbox Edition on Windows 10 and sign into your account (this will start to sync data across from the console)
    2) Once the title launches, load the affected file from the 'Load Game' or 'Load Last Game' dialog
    3) Once the save has loaded please minimize the game and go to the following: C:\Users\YOUR.NAME\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition\Temporary
    4) Within the Temporary folder you will find the save (please note that the save and information will disappear soon after opening)
    5) Copy the save file from the folder to another location (for example the desktop)
    6) Upload to our cloud service

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