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  • Attendance calculated or shown incorrectly

    Joacim Svensson
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    I have played with Yeovil a couple of seasons, taking them from VNL till League One. There seems to be an issue with the way attendance and/or stadium capacity is presented or with the way it works. According to my match reports I have an attendance of roughly 33500 (I think, the UI is a little glitchy there as you can see from the screenshots) but the Board Request page has during all seasons said that the max capacity of the stadium is roughly 9000 and the average attendance is exactly 4000. Meanwhile the board denies all request of a stadium upgrade, which may or may not be reasonable due to many factors. However, I see several issues here:

    1. The mismatch between the average attendance according to the Board Request page and what is presented in the match reports. 
    2. The mismatch between the max capacity at the stadium according to the Board Request page and what is presented in the match reports. 
    3. The fact that the average attendance has not increased despite multiple promotions and successful seasons. 







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