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Persuading to change Nationality?

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Hey guys,

I've onle ever played FM '09 as the Chivas in Mexico. They have a restriction that I can ONLY have Mexican players on my team, however the game doesn't seem to care if they are 'pure' Mexican (born there) or if the were born elsewhere but added Mexcio to their eligible nations.

So: I was wondering how do you persuade players to change/add nationality? I've tried offering a contract to them, thinking that if they accepted they would file for citizenship, however it does not even allow me to discuss contracts with them at all.

In all likelihood I will NOT 'cheat[' by coercing players to become eligible (seems an abuse of the loophole) but I have plans to move to Argentina if an attractive offer came up, and was wondering how this aspect of the game works.

thanks for any help,


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You can't tell them to change nationality. You have to have them at the club for the required amount of time and hope they decide to apply for citizenship.

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