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[Suggestion] Notification of accomplishing a new position

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I think it would be handy if there was some sort of news item received from your assistant manager/coach as soon as a player achieves 'Accomplished' status in a newly trained position. Reason being we never really know exactly when this is achieved. I myself tend to retrain a lot of my youngsters in a new position during the off season, in an attempt to make them both more versatile and help their stats grow, but I usually end up forgetting to check on their progress until probably the end of the next season, or I check and find some players have gotten Accomplished whilst others haven't and forget about the ones that haven't. If I knew exactly when they had accomplished the new position it would save me wasting time training them further and I can move on to the next position.

Might also be nice to notify when a player has lost their Accomplished rating in a position as well, as some players will lose the ability to play in a position if you don't train/play them there after a period, and you will soon see who the utility men really are. Makes sense that we already get notified about tutoring and learning new PPMs so why not retraining positions I say :)

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I know what you mean! they should do some about that. even when they competent on a new position they should keep improving 'till they accomplish it!

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yeh , or add this to the ass mans monthly report.

Would be nice, cos sometimes people can filter through and its only cos you accidently leave somoene out of possition you figure training is complete

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