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Need help or advice off SI please

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I host a clan and all has been going great even last night but when i loaded game up today,game loaded ok.

The leagues i have running are all English leagues down to BSP(starting league),Serie B and above,and Spain 2nd division B and above.

Current game time and date are Monday 17th October 2011 10:15am.

The problem is everytime we try to continue from that time point i get a crash dump and the game closes,I have tried holidaying it and still get crash dump have tried it 5 times and still the same problem so my question is how do i fix it or is the clan game finished so we have to start again????

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As long as you tell SI in a thread what your save is called and the problem encountetred- suggest that you start a new thread in the Bugs forum and give all the details there once you have uploaded your save.

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