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This is something that has annoyed me recently.

Whenever a big job becomes available in real life, there is speculation all over the press as to who the replacement is going to be, including mocking up shortlists of candidates.

For international jobs especially, there is ALWAYS an interview process. I feel this would be a great addition to the FM series. Perhaps you get interviewed by the chairman of the board, and it is clear in the press there are other candidates interviewing.

Maybe you could be asked about the direction you want to take team in, realistic objectives, 5 year plan, maybe pick a mock squad or say transfer targets you would go for if you got the job.

What does everyone else think? Would this be a good addition to FM? I just find it unrealistic that you apply for jobs and are offered jobs solely based on past experience, this rarely if ever happens in real life.


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Yes it would be interesting. But it would also be easy to master, i.e. we would quickly learn which answers are the most beneficial (similar to what happens with press conferences in FM09)

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i think we are all hoping that the press conferences will be greatly expanded in the next version to incorperate more varied questions (and at least ones that are more specific to the particular conference) and more varied and appropriate answers

hopefully the entire press-related system will be hugely improved upon, i am still waiting to be able to use the manager interaction properly (ie when someone says i wont win the league this season, i can still not respond with "yes i will..")

this idea would be a nice addition tho

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