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Not moving into new stadium?

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Ok so i'm AFC Wimbledon in the premier league in 2022. Been playing at the tiny "Fans Stadium" for ages and the board finally agreed to build a new stadium. Problem is that i move in on the 26th June, but the fixtures are decided on the 25th, so they are all arranged for the old stadium. I've saved the game before this date and played through a few times, but the same keeps happening. My league games end up being played at the old ground, and the euro cup games at the new place. When i check the club info, it shows the new capacity, but the stadium name has gone.

Has anyone experienced this, or does anyone know how to fix this? Or will i just start playing at the new ground next year?

Thanks for your help

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You'll start playing at the new ground next season, when next seasons league fixtures are announced.

I thought this was fixed, as all that needs doing in theory is moving the date of moving in to sometime before the fixtures are announced rather than the day after.

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What about the stadium name? Any ideas if it will come back? It's not really a big deal, just a bit annoying when it comes up as blank in the media comments etc.

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