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[FM 2010] Suggestion: Expanded Media and Hints

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Read this article about Arsene Wenger's loan style today and thought it would be a great article type to once-in-awhile appear in the 'news' section of the game. Pick random manager or manager with the requisite "manager preferred moves (MPMs)" for a given article and pop one or two in each week.

Articles could include: Tactics hints, loan strategies, ongoing manager 'wars', future wonderkid interviews, tactical analysis by pundits (including actual matches), etc..

And add to this an easily accessible user-generated and user-downloadable content interface and the game could come much more alive with user articles and tips guides, snippets of tactical articles, even links back to the forums or 'real world' articles like this one about Wenger. You could write an article about your favorite player or tactic that might pop up for another human manager. Perhaps articles could be graded in the style of Youtube videos so that the generally downloaded content was often 1st class.

Tactics hints: Mix of official and user-generated articles and snippets, framed in a news-story style such as "Managing legend Loversleaper, when asked about forward runs for wingers said: "If you play wide enough, forward runs may be your best option for getting balls down the flanks for good crosses...".

Strategies: Articles like the one linked that go into some depth about how to develop a squad over time and win trophies/promotions, etc..

Manager Feuds, ongoing rivalries: Follow the relationships as the game progresses and let rivalries grow and fade over time. Pull this data and output some 'candid interviews' or short pieces for the back page.

Wonderkid interviews: Drop hints about future superstars through the media.

Pundit analysis: Offer up some detailed tactical analysis of particular games by various (probably fictional) pundits. This could serve as a real tutorial for new managers looking to get into FM, and a spark of inspiration to old managers looking to try new systems, etc..

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