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Hall of Fame score - How is it worked out?

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How are the point's worked out? I'm second in nationality behind Bob Paisley but i think i should be ahead because i've won more but he is 140 point's in front.

Doesn't make sense to me, he's won 7 domestic titles, 3 major & 1 minor euro trophies.

I've won 3 domestic, 2 major & 2 minor euro trophies & 3 major domestic cup's.

His major trophy score is 10 & minor 1 where mine is 5 & 5.

So how is it calculated?

If domestic title's are major & major euro cup's are, why are major domestic cup's then classed as minor on the list of major/minor trophies won or am i missing something?

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Leagues are worth more than cups. I think it is based on the competition reputation. Only the main league and cup in each country count as well as the 2 continental club championships, continental national championship, confederations cup and world cup. The world cup gets 200 points for example.

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Major titles are worth more, especially the CL.

I get that but my count is 5 major & 5 minor even though 3 domestic titles, 3 major euro & 3 major domestic cup's so to me that's 9 major not 5 major as it has in the the ranking list so i should have more point's according to how they have classed the trophies you win.

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Major domestic cups are regarded as minor trophies if that makes sense. :D

haha yeah that make's sense but why word it as a major trophy only for it to be then classed as a minor trophy?

I think they should re-do it & break it down more like Domestic title's - Domestic Cup's - Continental Cup's - International Cup's & then within each one they could have

Domestic Cup's

3 (1)

with the number in bracket's being the minor.

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