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Firstly, this isn't a moan, or me complaining about the game. It's a good game and I'm failing my degree because of it. Probably.

I am of the opinion that the tactical instructions have got too in-depth, and at times the need to make constant adjustments and small tweaks takes away from the games enjoyment.

I also feel that there are too many choices when it comes to specific areas of the instructions. Everything seems to have to be correct for a tactic to show any success; if tempo is a notch too high for the passing style, the game is lost.

I'm a massive football fan and I understand the game very well, but I'm not a tactical genius, which is something I feel like I need to be to do well with the game.

Do you agree?

Maybe I'm just crap.

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totaly agree. game is getting to the point that you need to be a prem league manager (fergerson, wenge, scolari etc etc) to get anywhere in the game.

as you see in some posts people playing as 1 of top 4 hardly winning games that they should win easily.

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no one else got there 2 pence to put in

I think not many people are replying because this has been talked about soooo many times now. there is another thread further down the page that offers some really good alternatives. he's put graphics in and everything! :)

check it out.

ps i wasnt having a go at the OP by the way for starting his thread

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