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Youth Facilities upgrade from Basic? How long..!?

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I'm a league two club (Chelmsford City - Two promotions in five years yay). And i have a fair amount of money (1.5 mill). At the close season I asked my board to upgrade the youth facilities, which i'm sure they agreed too. (i have no idea how long they said it would take - can't remember unfotunately, but i THOUGHT it was jsut a couple of months or something). I'm sure that they did give a date though.

Its now February and I can't help thinking it shouldnt of taken this long... If i ask the board again they say they are currently looking into it or something like that. Anyone got any idea how long this completion will take??? Have they forgotten???

Also just found out that as my stadium is council owned the board have said it can never be upgraded! Don' suppose i'd be able to affford a new one even if i saved for another 5 years, so i reckon I've taken them as far as I can - how sad!

Any help of the youth facilities issue would be appreciated!!

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I think if the board approval for a training and youth facilities upgrade request comes too late in the off-season, the construction will only commence come the following off-season. So in your case, you would likely expect the announcement of the start of construction when the current season ends.

I seem to recall the same thing happening to me but I cannot confirm whether there is really a cut-off date for the commencement of construction implemented in the game.

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I had the same stadium type problem with Tiverton, I managed to get them as high as League 1, but the stadium can never be expanded because there isn't enough space, and after several seasons of battling against relegation, I decided to resign myself to the fact that I'd taken them as far as they would go, even though we had several homegrown regens who were rated as good for CCC.

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Thanks guys,

Its a bit wierd becasue i'm sure at the time i asked, i got the message saying how long it would take to complete (3 months for example). However nothing has happened at all! The little buggers...

It could have been too late in the close season (but why give me a message), i would have proabably asked immediately after the end of season changeover, as soon as the relegated and promoted clubs actually switch divisions....not sure if anyone has an idea if that is too late/early???

Yes it is a shame abou the stadium... i'm a prudent mnager, i've managed on a really tight budget, and I could prolly go up to league one if i went for broke, with my current stadium but spending out of my means goes agasint the spirit of the way i've built the whole team.

I'm in that funny period where you've just turned from a semi pro team to a full pro team, and so some of my players are on pro conracts and some are tied on semi-pro but want a pro contract with a massive increase in wage lol. I won't give anyone more that 400p/w tho, so I stand to lose a lot of players as some of mine are asking for 600 - 800 p/w. Greedy blighters!

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