I really suck at this game and needs lots of help

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I suck at everything.

I always seem to get tactics wrong.

I always seem to buy crap players even though I'm sure they are good players.

And I can never seen to develop and train young players well.

Can't someone help me I have played fm for many years but I just suck so much.

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Maybe a visit to the tactics & training tips forum & the good player & team guide forum would help you.

I agree go to tactics forum and checkout this thread. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=83245. It's a do all tactic you might say. no opponent instructions no in game tweaking i believe it was code saying it's the best tactic he's ever downloaded. coming from him thats pretty solid. Works for both higher tier leagues & lower.

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Remember a big part of the game is your interaction with individual players as well, in my experience you can have the best tactic in the world but if you dont handle your players and their expectactions properly then its all a waste

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