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Yep, this isnt looking for the uncut diamond or to compare whos better Messi or Bojan (frankly neither of them would get into my Kings Lynn squad... but thats more down to thier wages being worth more than my entire club ;) )

This thread is simply looking for the best player NAMES available.

I had a little search and compiled this on paint , made me giggle.

Im sure people will find some more inventive ones and all i can say is I feel very sorry for a certain Brazilian !!!!

Also if anyone has any good in game antics from the comentary please post em !!

I still remember the old days when somoene managed to compile,

Dicks goes in hard on Butt


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I was actually very surprised that this eejit, (Celtic's worst ever signing by a country mile) is even still trying to kid himself on that he's a football player:D


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I would just post up good old Sebastien Pigclimber ;) but hes to obvious. Any people who can speak german should know who i refer to !

Just found some more gems !!

I bet that goalie has safe hands ;)

Hes on a free and was actually a quality signing but (luckily ??) he wasnt interested !!


Edit: Imageshack seems to be having a funny 5 mins and my links went down

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