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I Would Love Some Help....

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Looking in other threads i can see that i am not the only person with this problem, however, no one has come up with a solution.

I have been playing FM09 on patch 9.1.0 as Burnley FC and i have been slightly overachieving addmitedly, sitting in 5th place in the Championship. My centre mids (Fran Merida and Darron Gibson) were playing an average rating of around 7.0/7.1.

Downloading the new patch, 9.2.0, however, has transformed these two ever reliable sparkling young centre mids into.....well.....something really bad, with their average rating down to (around about) 6.4/6.5.

I have tried a couple of theories, like making one of them the playmaker to play more passes, but they simply are not working and they are still achieving the massive performances of 6.3.

Does ANYONE have a solution to this as i know i am not the only one experiencing this???

Help is much apprieciated!

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They were undoubtedly my best players for me, running the game and pulling the strings, but now, they seem to be having no input whatsoever.

Please help someone.

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9.2.0 has changed the way some tactics works because of the enhancements to the Match Engine. Therefor if you are currently using the same Tactic as you were with the 9.1.0 patch then it may not work aswell.

There are a lot of tactics on the go at the moment which work well with 9.2.0.

My 4-4-2 Queen'z is doing well and the midfield duo are assiting by the barrel load. Have a look about and test some tactics.

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