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Iv posted early but have had no replies to the following

Hi, havin difficulty installin the new patch, downloadin it from rapidshare but i get a message sayin that it user is unreadable. So im downladin it from the football manager info site but its takin ages, and it looks like it could take about 6 hours. Has anybody got any ideas what i could do to download it quicker.

I have read the people have had problems with the new patch just wonderd if it is worth 6 hours and it not workin, Please Please Help:thup:

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When you click on the download link, and you get the choice to either 'run' or 'save', which do you choose?

On the rapidlink link i chose run, it took ten mins to download then failed, can't remember the exact message. Then wouldn't let me do it again so I tried a mirror site, and chose 'save' instead. That downloaded in the same time, then you choose a folder to put the patch in, and open it up, and it installs for you. or did for me anyway.

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i'm having issues installing the game on my macbook air. i converted it as an image file to install it on my macbook air so i can play while on christmas holidays.

The installation seems to work quite fine however it just doesn't launch the game after it's done. it keeps quitting. i did save also my tactics and trainings so i can easily continue but i can't get the get to even launch after it says installation was successful.

One problem i noticed though is the Sports interactive folder from my documents it has the game folder there but the football manager folder in there is empty. i know that's where i'm supposed to put my training schedules, saved game and tactics but i believe it's supposed to have more components.

after installing it the game created 2 sports interactive folders one under applications and the other under my documents. the one under my documents is the one that has the football manager folder that is empty.

the one under applications has a shortcut to the game but would not launch.

Please help me fix my game i really want to play.

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