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Do any of you play the game on a Huawei Mediapad m5 8.4?

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Last year, I downloaded the game without a problem, but a few other people were saying that they got the 'not compatible with your device' note, when on the purchase page 

It was on the compatibility list, so I'm just wondering if the problem was solved 

As there is no list yet this year, I'm hoping my tablet will be there. 

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58 minutes ago, ss03 said:

I play on the 10 inch version without any issues. Think the hardware on the M5s are still decent enough by today's standards... 

Yeah I'm hoping so. Last year's game ran without a problem, but it's just weird that others couldn't get it 

I saw them ask on here, but the only response they got from people from SI was 'its on the compatibility list' 

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2 hours ago, ss03 said:

Fingers crossed! Think its more than capable of running 1 or 2 additional countries too, frustrating being limited to 3

Agreed, it does feel very limiting, especially when saves are getting old, I'd be happy with even one extra nation 

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