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Forgetting to save the game

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Ok so i'm playing with Alfreton in the BSN and we went on a good run of five games unbeaten, 4 of them wins i think, which took us up to the dizzying heights of 6th in the table. Now i realise thats not really that great, and its only half way through the season but it was important because it gave us a fighting chance of the playoffs.

Anyway I hadn't saved for a bit but had been thinking about it, then all of a sudden my bloody laptop freezes!! The upshot of it is i had to restart and lost the last 6 games of progress which having now just replayed we've drawn 2 and lost the other four leaving us 19th in the table. There's still time to turn things around of course, but this, coupled with an impending takeover by a consortium that want to sack me, just makes me want to cry :( lol

So who else out there has got stories of their own stupidity where they've forgotten to save the game at a key point and paid the consequences?

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I do rolling autosave as well, but its monthly and the other night i crashed one day before the save day <_< Had to redo 6 matches which i had stormed 5 wins from and lost 4 of them.

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every fortnight here usually theres just too much to lose if crash before a monthly autosave. either 05 or 07 i had to save weekly cant remember which

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