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Walk me through how to make most of scouting, please

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Hi, I haven't played since FM15, and I can't really figure out new scouting system.


My scouts are constantly reporting back mediocre players that aren't any better than what I already have in the team.


What am I supposed to be doing and how to set it up properly.

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2 seasons in and I must say this is the stupidest scouting system SI could have put in place.


I appreciate the intent, and yes, the previous system made founding players too easy, but this is silly. Two years in, begged the board to get more scouts, got more scouts, expanded knowledge, funneled funds into it, given guidelines looked through hundreds and hundreds of players, and there was only one decent pick. Every player is either mediocre or plain out bad. I've spent most of the time in the game looking for decent players and got squat. I'm not talking just about good prospects, they fail to produce a specific type of player.


I don't know, it might work in best leagues, where you have tons of money, dozens of scouts and world coverage, but for less competitive leagues, this is bollox. I haven't good a single recommendation from a u19 domestic league after 4 months. 


Analysts: Again, so far completely useless. They drop names with recommendations based "is 11th highest in goals conceded" (which is barely mediocre for a goalkeeper) or 13th in assists in concacaf region. Really?


So far, the entire experience has been underwhelming. I'm really hoping it will pick up, but new systems are hit and miss for me, and match engine hasn't really been improved at all from what I remember.

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For every scouting assignment I set up, whether it is scouting a league, cup or nation, I always add a filter for Only show me players with a potential ability of at least good. You can do the same thing with current ability, which would exclude mediocre players.



Forgot to add, I've also had issues with scouting u19/u18 leagues, I hardly ever get any recommendations. I usually just have my scout assigned to scout the country with a filter for age i.e. no more than 18 years old.

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I spend a good few hours looking through the under 19's and 23's of South American and European countries and get scout reports on them, you can pick up some gems. Obviously it takes time and I can sometimes go through a couple of nights of playing without actually playing a game.

This method isnt for everyone however, I only do it as I approach January and the summer. I do work full time and Im married so I only get an hour or so playing on the game here and there :lol:

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Give your scouts individual assignments with parameters.

If I’m a big top division team I aim for my scouting team to have a broad knowledge of different nations. I send each scout to their respective nation with a filter of; age 18 and under, potential very good and above. Occasionally I’ll set a minimum determination level too but you tend to miss a lot of gems this way. And also set the duration to “ongoing”

This keeps a steady stream of reports coming though. Bare in mind that if your squad is world class then you’ll find fewer high star players as they’re all relevant to your current squad. 


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