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Please, please, please can we finally address the issue of realism and immersion. This game has become so generic and so stagnant over the last 10 years.


No matter where you manage in the world, everything looks and feels the same. From stadiums, to the same questions journalists ask over and over again, regardless of the fact press is much more hostile in some places compared to others.


If I’m managing in Spain, I want it to look and feel like I’m managing in Spain, I want roofless stands, running tracks in stadiums in which they apply (Mallorca? Las Palmas?). If I’m managing in South America, make it look and feel as if I’m managing in South America! Why does it feel the exact same watching/managing a game in the Premier League to a game in La Paz, Bolivia, in the Copa Libertadores! Why does ALTITUDE not provide the home teams with a big advantage in these climates? You should see a clear visible fitness/sharpness affect on away teams. There is no realism! If I’m managing Benfica, why am I playing home matches in a 4 stand stadium? It’s ridiculous. Why is there large TV screens and picnic benches at every League One, League Two stadium? Every match looks and feels the same! You can not differentiate between a home game or an away game. 


It could Burnley vs West Brom in the Premier League or Barcelona vs Juventus in the champions league final and it feels/looks the exact same! Very little build up pre game and very little analysis post game. It’s a Champions league final! Why is crowd segregation in neutral venues for cup/play off finals so badly designed? Why does nearly every supporter in the stadium wear replica shirts? Why are away supporters in some stadiums given central stands? This is not Fulham! Make each competition unique! This shouldn’t be hard to implement. 

Give the community a stadium creator/editor and let us do the work! Immersion in this game is so bad and that will go a long way to helping improve it! We want to be able to feel like we are managing in different countries and cultures...the current model really doesn’t do that. 

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the variety of stadium is limited ( https://community.sigames.com/topic/506045-suggestion-stadiums-with-running-tracks-and-better-representation-of-small-stadiums/ )

SI should make a collection of type of stands for .0-500seat/500-1000/

  1.   1000-5000 / 5000-10 000/----- 10 000- 20 000
  2.  20 000 -35000/35 000- 50 000 
  3.  50 000 - 75 000/ --------75 000 - 100K / +100K


 ! I did not ask that the stadium be individually modeled ! I know that the stadiums are generated by the ME according to the information it has (in particular the number of seats)

lack off cutscene ( exemple the game could make finals special event )

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