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Tactical Series - Juego de Posicion

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17 hours ago, yonko said:

If teams are regrouping and sitting back against you, I would suggest lower tempo and standard passing. Also play wider. 

For this playing style your players are good at keeping the ball, so I would also add Work Ball Into Box. With these instructions you should move them around and patiently wait for opening. You can also have overlapping on both flanks or try underlap on one side for variation. 

These are all of the things I normally try. I still use this some although what @Kharza_FM mentioned earlier has been working well as a default. 

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9 hours ago, 04texag said:

These are all of the things I normally try. I still use this some although what @Kharza_FM mentioned earlier has been working well as a default. 

Sometimes we can try all the right adjustments and they still don't work because players just have a bad game. Or the opponents have a better day. It happens in real life too. 

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I'll have an update coming tonight or in the morning. I've been working on a few tactical alternates for different scenarios. 

I was also planning on doing a player analysis, looking at key traits and stats to look at for the key positions to make this work for other teams. 

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We are two months into the season, my first full season with this tactic on my long term save. Through 15 games, we've only given up 4 goals (that includes the community shield game). With 8 straight shutouts currently going. That includes using our second choice keeper for cup games. So yeah, I think you can say we are pretty darned stable defensively. 


We are currently in first place, hoping to defend our title we won last year (using this system for about half of it).



Updates -  I had posted earlier  in the thread about some games getting low scoring and feeling stale. Like I lacked a little bit of firepower. Aside from the draw away to chelsea, our goal output has been PHENOMENAL in the last several game. So, what did I change? Not much. I upped the tempo all of the way and increased passing to standard. That's pretty much it.



One thing I wanted to highlight that I've found helpful, as a QoL improvement, is saving a utilizing multiple "Tactical Styles". This allows me to quickly make changes during a game without messing with my base tactic. It also helps to prevent my making random tactical changes through opening up the TI's and just clicking stuff. I have them labeled and will use them as appropriate. 

If you click the dropdown, you can save your current instructions as something specific, and then call that later. See my list below, including one set of instructions to breakdown a stubborn parked bus.


With that set, now I can set three separate tactics, which focus only on the pos/role/duty, and then on each tactic set the appropriate custom tactical style. So for my three tactics, I have my base JdP 4231, a flipped version, and then my work in progress 433 Jdp variant.


Coming soon I'll post the positional focus update with player search ideas for the key roles in this system. 


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