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I started a "EHM status updates from RIZ" back in 2016 and have posted updates there since then https://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17231&start=75

I posted this over at TBL back in July...


FYI regarding the 1.5 update

On Twitter Riz was asked over the past weekend "just wondering if there is any news on the potential release of the EHM patch v1.5"

Riz replied "There's no release date locked for it. Testing is going well, still some minor issues to sort out though" and when then asked "Thinking this year?" he replied "Hopefully yes. Depends a bit on my regular FM duties at work as well."



And I posted this there in August...


FYI some recent Twitter comments from Riz regarding the 1.5 patch

On August 10th Riz was asked "This reminds me and sorry for keep asking, but is there still no timetable for the new #EHM patch?" and Riz replied "We cannot promise a release date on the patch as I'm not working full time on it and thus cannot estimate when things on my list will get addressed. But testing is already ongoing."

The next day, in response to a tweet that said "Call me crazy, but it feels like you are making an new EHM instead of just one new patch :)" Riz said "The WIP changelist posted on our forums is indeed quite massive but you also need to consider the fact that I can only work on things when I have the time from other duties, so development is sporadic. But it's better than nothing :)"



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