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[Suggestion] Second Division MLS & Academy Leagues

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Hello. Managing in MLS is a challenge (a good one in my opinion). One issue that I find myself encountering every season in MLS is the lack of a division II league or an academy league as well. 

In the US, MLS and USL are separate from each other. But some MLS clubs do have teams in the USL. For example the Galaxy have Galaxy II and the Portland Timbers have Timbers II. Not every club has one but perhaps an option could be included to create one if your club in MLS has their finances sorted out. Another option would be to make it to where if you have a USL team as an affiliate, then you can make your players available for USL matches to increase their fitness and sharpness for your first team matches. Many times in MLS (in game) the players who are deemed your backups end up finishing the season with their match fitness so low that they end up dropping off in attributes and morale. Injuries are more harmful in MLS due to the fact that you have to choose between the Disabled List (which prevents them from playing in 5 matches even after they’ve recovered from injury) or Season Ending Injury List when a player has a serious injury that’ll take them out for 3+ weeks. Being able to have them play in USL (or div 2) matches just to maintain their fitness would be so much more helpful and overall better for managing in that league in game. It’s something that’s already available in numerous teams in European leagues and it could be implemented in the MLS via those two options without breaking realism or being too far fetched.

One last feature would be an actual academy league/U-18 league for the MLS clubs that have academies. European clubs have youth leagues that you can use to develop your youth and send your first team players to increase their fitness as well. Each MLS club in the game already has an academy, adding a league to it would be a helpful and cool feature as well. 

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