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I edited some players assigning them 120 kilos (264 pounds). Neither the coaches nor the scouts gave me any notice of that detail.

In the games it didn't seem to matter either. After a few weeks, most of them dropped to more normal values.

It's useless?

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I've thought the same thing about height.

I had a regen who I loaned in to be a backup AF and winger. Decent speed, good but unremarkable jumping reach. Then after almost the entire season was up I looked at his height -- he was 6'8"! It's like having Peter Crouch and not realizing he's tall. 

With your fat players, was it apparent visually that they were heavy?

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30 minutes ago, JordanMillward_1 said:

Both those stats serve to influence the maximum of certain attributes (like Jumping Reach for height).

Speed as well I would expect. I guess it's useful to look at for younger players to see if they're likely to make vast improvements on the physical side of the game. 

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