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Football Manager 2020 20.4.3 Hotfix Out Now!

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Following some feedback from within the community we're pleased to announce the release of Hotfix 20.4.3.

As always this is save game compatible and will automatically be downloaded and installed via Steam or Epic. If you have problems updating, we very much recommend restarting Steam.

Football Manager 2020 20.4.3 Hotfix
- Adjustments to allow network game servers to appear within connection lobby
- Improved the friends invite option for network games
- Addressed saves sometimes not appearing under 'Load Last Game' and rare problems related to loading/saving and Cloud saves 
- Allow loading of training schedules when running via Epic 

For anyone experiencing 'A network connection is required in order to play FM' or a '5000 error' message on Epic, this is a problem caused by not allowing your Epic Games account to connect to FM20. To fix this, follow the steps below:

- First off remove FM20's access to Epic as shown here - https://www.epicgames.com/help/en-US/epic-accounts-c74/epic-account-services-c144/how-do-i-disable-access-to-my-epic-account-for-a-specific-product-or-service-such-as-a-site-game-or-app-a4178# 
- Once you've done so, the next time you launch the game you’ll be prompted by a pop up to allow Epic games to connect to ‘Use Football Manager 2020 with your Epic Games account’. You must click ‘ALLOW’ to enable network play or the ability to launch the In-Game Editor if you've purchased it.
- Now launch the game and you'll have access to all functionality. 

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