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My team is having issues in conceding late goal (after 80mins) especially after leading by 1 goal even though I have placed the team on defensive/ultra defensive mentality, slow pace down and frequent time wasting. Any tips on other tactical instructions that you use to prevent this from happening. Thanks in advance.

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Stick with the tactic that got you into that position, don't just massively change, especially sitting back too much and inviting them to attack. Being a bit safer to see the game out makes sense, just 1 mentality level is a big change.

Waste Time and changing duty of FB/WB are my 2 go to's.  Typically opponents go to a 424/433 and keep all the forwards forward hence I want to keep my FB/WB back to make sure we aren't outnumbered.  Plus my forwards/wingers should be 1v1 and can use the space himself.

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I had this problem and then I started to put the Defensive Mentality and time waste to the maximum on the end of the matches, something I read on another topic about suffering late goals. It has been helping me a lot. 

The other day I was playing against a much more stronger side, we were lucky and chipped in a goal on a corner kick, and were winning 2-1. I did the changes I said above and my team started to protect the defense much better and assured the victory.

I play FM Touch, so I don´t know if tactical familiarity could impact this strategy on the full version.

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18 hours ago, Draakon said:

Your first flaw is thinking that defensive mentality avoids conceding

So true :thup:

The problem is that many people think that a defensive mentality means defensive solidity. But the mentality is not about that. If your compactness is low and/or coupled with a poor balance of roles and duties, no team mentality is going to make you secure in defense. 

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