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I qualified for CL for the first time this season (and first time in a long while for the club too). We're not an affluent club ordinarily, last couple of budgets I've had about £6m and £10m to spend iirc. Last summer I agreed to sign a LB on loan, converting to mandatory signing at the start of next season for £14m. At the moment I have about £16m in transfer budget remaining, plus £80 - 100k in wages.

In an ideal world I'd like to sign a MF in the January window, however if I do that am I jeopardising signing the LB? I definitely want him as he's done well for me and is young enough to improve further. What kind of windfall can I expect from the CL? We've done ok in our group but will drop into Europa league barring an 8 goal swing on the final match day...

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I believe if you go to the CL page in game, go to rules, and then follow along the path of games you would be taking you should be able to see the reward amounts for placement/wins and losses and whatnot.

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