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Approach To Training

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Hello Everyone.

Just looking for peoples opinions on effective training schedules to get the best out of a squad.

My approach tends to be the following:

  • In pre season, leave the schedules mostly as they are laid out by the staff. The sessions are more general, and to ensure that the sessions are mostly fitness and conditioning based.
  • If I want to change a teams style or use a different formation than the one being used previously or the one that is recommended by the assistant, I would schedule a "teamwork" session each day.
  • Play the matches, observe whether the tactic is appropriate for the style of play I want.

As tactical familiarity grows, the assistant manager usually tells you that he is happy with the progress.

  • At this point, specialise the training sessions. So if I am looking to play a gegenpress style with a focus on possession, and assuming I had 1 game per week, I would schedule on alternate days, 1 session of "defend from the front", one session of "transition press" and one session of rest, on the alternate day 1 session of "attacking patient" and one session of "chance creation". This in my mind would be to hone in the style to what I'm trying to achieve.
  • The season starts for real. observe more patterns. If there is a weakness in the team, then schedule sessions devoted specifically to the weakness, "defending set pieces" for example, rather than run sessions on things that seem to be working well in matches anyway.
  • The day immediately after the game, schedule a recovery session, a rest session if travelling, or another rest session if at home. The day before the game, a session on "match preview"
  • As the games come thick and fast, work ONLY on glaring weaknesses, and rest sessions, mostly focused on rest.

For Mentoring:

  • Only use professional personalities as mentors, and use them sparingly to try and develop youngsters


Does it need to be more complicated than this, or would you do your training schedules differently?


Thanks everyone

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