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Win silverware player promise - A bug or a misunderstanding?

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When I agreed a new contract with a player, it included the promise to win silverware the next season. I was knocked out of the cup and have just been eliminated from the champions league and the player is unhappy because I broke the promise and has lost trust in me. 

However, in the league, we (Barcelona) are in first place, 10 points ahead with a game in hand, so we are likely to win that.

So, my question is, does the league title not count as 'silverware' as I assumed it would or is this a bug?


edit: Now 8 other of my players are unhappy about it as well and called a team meeting.

edit #2: I've been sacked.

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You were top of the league and were sacked because of dynamics/player unhappiness? Sounds like a bug based on the info you provided. You should post this in the bugs forum and upload a save before your sacking if you have it. 

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This might be a bug where game won't let all competition to be completed before promise ending is triggered. I also had that promise once, and lost Cup final (before league was over) and got message "more time to keep promise, player decided to give more time since club went so close to silverware, bla, bla, bla..." Never payed attention to it, I just tought it's some kind of "reward" for beeing so close to trophy. But when read this thread, than it is quite possible that my player as well had premature promise ending (well, in my case to prolong) reaction. 

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