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Jeaku FM - Youtube One-Club Saves

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Hey guys!

My name is Jake and I'm from Australia, been playing this game every year as long as I can remember. I've finally decided to turn playing 1000s of hours of FM each year into something a little more creative :). I'm pretty decent at the game and like one-club saves to try and build up a bit of story, if it sounds like your kind of thing come and check it out :brock:.

I made a pretty lengthy series with Wigan Athletic first up to get a handle on making FM videos - a lot of little technical things made it a lot harder than I realised!

My second series is just beginning: it's with A.S. Monaco and so far has been a massive struggle as (I think) I need to sell all of my players to abide by FFP? It's all a little confusing... 

I think this series is a big jump in quality and at the level that I'm happy to share it now to try and get a few more people watching. 

Give it a watch if you've got a sec, and I'm very open to feedback as I'm still finding my feet!




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Welcome Jake.You made a good job with Monaco,I've been in this game (CM-FM series) for a decade,and yes I have the latest version,but I rather play FM11 or FM19.

I started with Brescia ,hoping to get in:onmehead: the top 6.I wish u much luck!

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