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Attacking Centerbacks and Overlapping centerbacks

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One of the feature requests I like to propose are attacking centerbacks or overlapping centerbacks. Atalanta usually have wide centerbacks help out in the attack and provide numerical superiority in the wings


Also overlapping centerbacks should be an option too. That could really bring some width in a 352 formation 


The developers needs to bring more realism into tactics as they keep evolving, the tactical creator and the ME should evolve too and not stay stagnant...

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Will just add to this post rather than making a new one.

Overlapping centre backs:

- Only available to right and left side in a back 3 or back 5 (back 5 unusual but could create some interesting movement)

- If not a new role, add the option to a CB to "get further forward" which when linked with "stay wider" encourages forward runs. If not then a new hard coded role.

Another example of this role is Kieran Tierney under Arteta, where the WB is Maitland-Niles but he comes inside to midfield (IWB).

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