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PES faces for regens

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I keep forgetting i put these together. There's 2,665 of them, all I did was lift them off of the pesdb.net website and batch-apply a photoshop lighting filter to make them pop a little more.

Normal rules apply: you have to change the file name to your regen's id number, paste the image in your faces folder, reassemble the config file with https://www.fmscout.com/a-fmXML-for-windows.html FMXML and reload the skin. It's annoying the first couple times you do it but it's not like hard. Obviously you want to pick a picture with the same basic characteristics as your regen (skin tone/hair color/hair length).











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I made a spreadsheet in excel that calls upon data from FM Genie Scout's exported CSV files. I can't imagine the method is that different from the tool here, to use nationality as a proxy for ethnicity and fill in config.xml files with links to the pictures. All the work is done in the config files, so it doesn't shoot out gigabytes of identical .png files if you use it a lot.




I think the excel sheet is easy enough to use but 1) most people don't have excel + it doesn't work in openoffice, libreoffice etc, 2) i don't really know how to automate it, and 3) i made it, so of course I think it's easy to use. Maybe anyone who's interested can load in their save on Genie Scout and export a .csv file that shows both Nationality and Unique ID for all the regens in their game? PM it to me or whatever, I'll get back eventually


edit: made a version w/nested if statements, so you don't have to go through the filter gauntlet. Should be much, much easier to use


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I also have a copy of all the faces without the shiny effect, I thought I deleted some of them. This is all just ripped from the pesdb site so there's also some crap like real player pictures and pictures in a different art style that I find...horrifying? But if you're using the spreadsheet it only looks for the same filenames as it does in the other pack. They're desaturated but I think the defaults actually look better for some of the paler faces


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On 12/10/2020 at 17:48, o0Pascal0o said:

Hi there. Is it possible to have real pics for the regends? So if you copy some pictures of real persons, they are going to be the pics for the regends ingame? I hate this comic-pictures.

I think Zealand the streamer has a big pile of real person photos, but he doesn't have a method to assign them by race. My only issue (besides the black koreans and white senegalese guys) is that a lot of the photos are from American sports, I'm American, and it bugs me out to see like Taylor Hall or something playing soccer.


There are also people trying to use the "this person doesn't exist" neural network thing to create purely random regen faces, very cool.


Personally, because I've been playing FM for so long and I'm used to the regen faces looking computer-generated, I need them to be "video game faces" in one style or another. But what SI's shipping with the game isn't good enough imo.

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How does FM knows, that this are regen-pictures?


Can we add pictures to the zealand-pictures? How?


Fo me its not a problem, if a man with african nationality is white like snow. His parants could be white, etc. And if you aren´t fine with a picture, you can edit it life.

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