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I have a quick question in relation to player roles. 

Is it best to pick a role and not make any changes to what that role does. 

So for example, if you had a role such as Complete Centre Forward and for example, under passing. by default it was set to short, would you change it to more direct passing (for example) or is it best to leave it as its default setting. 

I'm just curious as with some of the roles, there are certain elements to it I like and don't like but often wondered whether tinkering with the default settings is a good thing. 


Thanks in advance

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Pretty much, 'Default' settings throughout the game  are simply a starting point for you to build on.

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There's definitely benefits from editing roles.

The biggest one is so that you can give particular players instructions without affecting the whole team. For example play out of defence affects the whole team, but shorter passing on your goalkeeper and defensive line doesn't.

Most role and duty presets are perfectly set but not all. For example I find wingback roles close down far too much and it is a defensive liability. So I often tell them to close down less - stay in line with the centre backs and let the midfield close down. Inside forwards don't stretch the opposition enough. Stay wider changes that. Inside forward on attack doesn't close down in defence enough. So setting an inside forward on support to get further forward achieves both worlds. Box to box midfielder doesn't dribble or get forward as directly as I'd like. So I set dribble more and get further forward, and they become a far more dynamic and scary player, especially if they are good at dribbling. Just some examples.

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