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Talented youth, where do I let them train?

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Hi All,


I have some youth players which are very talented. They are 16/17 years old. At that age training is most important as I understand from the game,

Only where will I let them train?

- U19, excellent coaches but not as good as my first team.

- My second team, worthless coaching compared to U19 and first team.

- My 1st team, all 4 and 5 star in all categories.

I used to train them with my U19 squad but woudn't it be better to train them with my first team? Only my first team coaches are not high ranked in training youngsters.

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At that age I train them in U19. Once they are 18 years old, I move them to the main squad, mentor them, make them available to U23's/Reserve team, and try to play them in all cup games. If they aren't good to play the cup games at 18-19, I loan them out to top flights.

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Unlike in pre-mentoring FMs, you have to have u19s/u23s in same squad as first team to mentor an u19/u23 player. Personally I find that tedious and inconvenient, but bottom line, it means we have to move players to first team and mentor and make them available for whatever non-competitive football.

This does have negative implications:
1) your first team coaches will have a greater workload
2) the youngsters won't get as much physical training because this is not typically scheduled between competitive matches; physical training happens mostly in preseason
3) your squad list will be more untidy (i think future FMs need a filter out for players NOT in match squad and/or a filter out for players on youth contracts and/or a filter out for players aged 18 or under)

On the other hand, if you let them train in your youth team or u23s on seperate general training schedules with different coaches,
1) the coaches will be probably worse unless you have a high staff quota and can attract high quality staff for those teams
2) the younger players will be unlikely to have good personalities or determination to pass on during mentoring (usually you see a lot of Balanced which is not good enough)

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At 16/17, I would still keep them in the U19 team. Once 18, if they are outstanding, they can be a part of the first team. But if they still need more development, generally loan them out (where they will play a lot of matches, in a league you have loaded in-game and at a club with atleast Superb facilities). This will help accentuate their growth.

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I'd train and play them in U19s, then if they become too good for that I'd move them over to the first team for training and let them play their matches with the second team (and the odd game with the first team). 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the advice all.


I decided to do some testing and when I let them train with the 1st team they improved 2.5% less(CA from all players added up and divided by the amount of players).

It isn't a big difference, from the 22 selected players 10 improved more with the first team then when they trained with the U19.




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