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The Jurgen Klopp Career Challenge

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The Jurgen Klopp Career Challenge

The idea is of this challenge is to replicate Klopp's career path using the gegenpress heavy metal football tactics employed by the German. 

Holiday the game until the end of matchday 19, in FM20 this is the 30th of January 2020, and take over the club that 3rd from bottom of the Bundesliga 2 at that point. Your manager can have Continental A License but no more along with professional-regional past playing experience. 

Firstly you'll need to save that club from relegation that season, before leading them to promotion to the Bundesliga and into Europe within 7 seasons. 

After that you'll need to find a job with one of Germany's big clubs, Dortmund or Schalke, perhaps Bremen, maybe Bayern, who knows? They need to be a big reputation club. And you'll need to both win the Bundesliga and lead them to at least the Champions League final while building the youngest side in the league. This needs to be achieved within 7 seasons.

After that you'll be looking to find an underachieving English top 6 side and turn them into domestic and European champions within 4 or 5 seasons. 

All this must be done using your interpretation of klopps heavy metal football. 

Are you up for it?

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I made a mistake by holidaying until after matchday 20 but you get the point. 


And I have introduced my manager, a 33 year-old Jurgen Kopp, and gave him a past playing experience of a professional footballer regionally known, along with a Continental A License. 
I have also appointed him as manager of Greuther Furth, who sit 3rd from bottom at the end of matchday 20. 


My mission for this season is to keep this club in Bundesliga.2 

Within 7 seasons I want this club promoted to the top Bundesliga and qualifying for Europe.


These are the remaining 14 fixtures left in the season. 


I will be using the Career Updates section to post monthly results from now on. 

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