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I do have a very anoying problem with FM 2020 via Gamepass. The game just freezes and lags like my notebook was a Pentium III. The most anoying problem is on the picture below. The game starts normally so after a couple of minutes, the cursor refuses to change arrow to "the hand". Then it won't show the quick view of players or even won't allow me to click in the name of the player. Its so ****ing anoying.

I've played FM since 2008 and never had anything like this.

(for the record: I tried in diferent skins, i tried with diferent mouse, diferent updates/saves and have all the graphic drivers updated)


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By different skins, I presume you mean custom ones? If that's the case, can I get you remove them from the Sports Interactive folder entirely, then delete your cache and preferences folder, and try one of our default skins to see if the issue persists:


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