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Urotsukidojis 5-3-2 Proper crack this time

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Hi this is my 5-3-2



Its been tested with blackburn, and ipswich, and by the streamer australian skeletor. When he tested it he beat city 6-0 away in ucl with everton. This tactic is even better than my 4321. You will win every game.

I cant show you my results as i havent been playing this tactic all season, and my ipswich save is online so i cant really do the tactic justice.

The two strikers will both finish the top two scorers in the league. As im playing two up front, i can get away with playing a complete forward. Thats a forward who is a target man, deep lying forward everything alongside a poacher.

The midfield combination is basic dlp and mez, i chose mez so he can help the wb on the right.

The wbs are complete wbs so they get back and defend and dont get caught out.

The libero is perfect to move into midfield and spray balls out to the wbs.

This is a plug in and play. The setpieces are set to default but you dont need to worry

No OI assman does team instructions.


encourage : drawing against better team

demand more: losing 1-0

more creative= knocking on the door

show passion = losing 2-0

Plz rate review this tactic


532 wb urotsukidoji.fmf

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