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The Waffle

I've used the editor for a number of years now. Mainly to create Legendary players and managers. I really enjoy the research part watching videos, reading articles, forum post etc on the players I’m creating. Sometimes posting them here but mainly on Steam. Every FM that comes out I've bought on Pre-order and dived straight in on release. Trying to transfer last year’s work over to the new game. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Mainly due to UID's for individuals have been removed completely or the player becoming a retired person, then their UID changes every new release. I also found names, clubs, DoB etc will get corrupted on the export for one version to another. With experience and ideas to make my creations better i start from the beginning most new releases! By about Jan, Feb i feel burned out and stop playing and creating, swearing I’m never playing or creating for this game again!!! I do other things, play other games, then the football season finishes and the next FM is on 4 months away! I then get the bug again!  

So this time around I was thinking of how i could retain all the hours of work I’ve put in and still be able to transfer them across without too much hassle. Well I needed to have all the players I’ve created on a Database (to tell the truth i started this a round Jan this year and it’s what broke me haha) I then wanted to make it open for everyone to use, even to add their own versions of Legends real or fake (regen the regen). I want the user to be able to choose what player or players they want, at what age and club of their choosing! 

I looked around to see if it had been done before. There are a few people doing amazing work in their own databases (Fenech, davidczv, The Mad Scientist and many more) but nothing like what i was thinking about. As i don't have any skills in software (which i assume would be the best way to creating this kind of output), I’ll use excel to create .xml for the output. Been looking about for information on how this would work. found one thread (I’ll link it below) on how to do it for fixtures. Beyond that there’s nothing out there!

Current Aim

To record.

UID's for inputs and their values
*individual inputs like name, hair colour and their values

Need to start at the beginning in regards to what going into the xml. Every input has a UID and Value, these are coded on to the .xml file for the game to interpret.

Attached to this post is a spreadsheet that I’m using to record these values. I’m doing it screen by screen from the editor. Add a player in the people database. Then change/add one of the inputs. Save file. Export file. Open .xml in Notepadd++. record the UID, code and the value of the different options for that input. unless its country, city, club etc. its taking sometime! I hope that this will also be helpful information for anyone else to use, now or in the future.


By magicmastermind124 Excel and the FM Editor - FM editing


*If you know where i can get some of this information from? other then painstakingly taking it from the editor I would appreciate  it very much
*If this has been done before?
*Know of a link for a tutorial that could help with formatting/processing/understanding this information?
*Want to help collate this information to put on this thread? pm me.

Done so far

  • Details
  • Database Version for FM19, FM20
  • International Data
  • Club Contract
  • Loan
  • Future Transfer
  • Nation UID
  • Major Clubs UID
  • Languages UID
  • added Not Recorded page. This is for some sections I've miss out for now

File updated: 11/08/2020






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