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Custom cup competition winners not processed as champions

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Hi all,

I spent my time in lockdown making a custom database for myself and my friends to play. This forum proved to be an invaluable tool during the process as I hadn't touched FM editor properly since 2013 and many issues I encountered had answers on here or I downloaded other databases to see how things need to be done to function.

However, I'm having one issue I cannot resolve. I have a Champions League which 32 teams from my tiers 1-2 enter, plus a Europa League for 48 teams from tiers 3-5. There is no joint competition format as with the real life competitions (3rd place in CL group enter knockout phase of EL, etc) so they are fairly basic.

The problem I'm having is the winners of my Europa League aren't processed as champions of the competition. The full competition takes place and works over multiple seasons without issue. But there is no list of champions within the competition and the winning club does not get this trophy recorded within their history.

I have compared the competition with my own Champions League within the editor which does process champions as intended and I cannot see anything within the Advanced Rules which would cause this issue.

Here are images of the CL working as intended in Season 4 with a list of champions as normal, the EL with champions pane missing/no champion listed on the header, and Everton's competition history with no EL despite winning the competition in Season 3. I have multiple other competitions and everything else works as intended.



If anyone has any idea what might be causing this issue, I would be very grateful to be pointed in the right direction! Editor data attached also.

Thank you!


UEFA Super League 1.5.1.fmf

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